Corporate Speaking

Corporate Speaking

In each session, Deborah does more than just provide helpful information. She is determined to get through to each and every attendee, giving them real tools that will maximize their performance, boost their energy and give them the confidence to take control over their health — starting with their very next meal.

Deborah’s Goal

“I customize each event so that your attendees hear what they need to hear, so they are encouraged to change their health and their life.” Although each talk is customized, there are a few topics that are commonly requested by HR directors and meeting planners.

Program Formats

  • Keynote Address
  • Conference Break-Out session
  • Small Group Workshops
  • Half Day Seminars
  • Executive Retreats

Deborah’s Most Popular Topics

High Octane Food — Discover the foods that can increase your energy, change your productivity and help you to lose weight.

Staying Sharp at Work — Learn what to eat and drink throughout the day to maintain your 9 am energy all day long.

Discover Your Healthy Weight — Acquire easy-to-implement weight loss tactics that can help you shed pounds with minimal effort.

Deborah customizes her talks to address the specific health challenges of your employees.

Deborah’s Health & Wellness Services

Lunchtime Lectures — With customized talks that address your employees’ specific health challenges, Deborah will inspire and motivate your staff to make healthy lifestyle changes — and have them back to work in less than one hour.

Employee Health E-Newsletters — The perfect follow-up to any lecture, Deborah’s Health in a Hurry E-Newsletter delivers cutting edge health advice that can be read in 20 seconds or less.

Food Consulting — Learn the top five foods you can keep in your break room to boost the energy and focus of your employees.

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